Fine Scale
7 Wide BR Class 08 Shunter By Breckland Bricks

Available as Powered Up powered.

The Class 08 was the general purpose shunter on Britain’s railways from their introduction in 1952 up to the present. Known by enthusiasts as ‘Gronks’, they were a development of the LMS’s take on diesel shunting technology, and eventually numbered 996 examples, as well as 26 Class 09s (geared higher for trip work on the mainline) and 171 other very similar but mechanically different shunters (mostly Class 10s) resulting in a grand total of 1,193 shunting locos of near identical design.

As the rail industry shifted towards fixed rake freight trains and multiple unit passenger trains, the need for shunters significantly reduced. Today there are less than 100 in commercial use on the mainline and mainline connected industrial sidings. There are over 70 examples that still ably ply their trade all over the country on the many preserved railways of the UK.

*Please Note* This design uses third party parts that cannot be purchased via Bricklink. The Instructions and Readme provide the information on where to buy the required parts. This design also may require the cutting of hose parts. These instructions are intended for experienced Lego builders.


Alternative liveries are not included in the instructions, and are only shown for inspiration.