What’s included in the downloads?

Each download includes:

  • A PDF of step-by-step instructions for your chosen LEGO locomotive or wagon
  • An XML Parts List file for use with Bricklink.
  • A Read Me file with a quick guide on how to order on Bricklink using the Parts List files.

No LEGO elements are included in downloadable instructions.

Can I request a specific locomotive or wagon model?

Yes, I’m happy to accept ideas for new models. I can’t accept all of them, but can take on specific model commissions.

Please email me via the contact page.

What’s the difference between City scale and Fine scale?

City scale models are designed to a smaller, more toy-like scale (usually 6 studs wide), whilst Fine scale models are designed to be wider and allow more detail to be included.

Can I have a refund?

You are eligible for a refund on your digital download if:

  • it is not as described by the seller, Block Junction
  • it is faulty or not fit for purpose

Block Junction believes all downloads are correct and fit for purpose, so refunds are not generally available for products.