Block Junction provides a range of Lego Locomotive Instructions and Rollingstock Instructions for those new to the LEGO train hobby, or those looking to expand their own collections with British engines and rollingstock.

The majority of the designs on this site are my own work, but I want to see the best designs reach the most people, and will encourage others to offer their designs as instructions, either hosted on this site, or on their own site.

If you want something I haven’t designed yet, and I know someone else has, I will send you their way. Block Junction is all about growing this wonderful hobby, not making a quick buck.

City scale and Fine scale

City scale models are designed to a smaller, more toy-like scale (usually 6 studs wide), whilst Fine scale models are designed to be wider and allow more detail to be included.

Not all models have interiors; please check the individual product description.

About Will

Hi, I’m Will Elliott. I’m a UK-based LEGO and railway fan.

Will, LEGO train fan and founder of Block Junction
Will – founder of Block Junction, and very sane LEGO train fan

I live in Newcastle upon Tyne, where I work on the Tyne and Wear Metro. I’m a member of the LEGO Northern UK Railway (LNUR), a LEGO train club, and prefer to spend my weekend entertaining kids and introducing them to our hobby with the LNUR Playout.