Fine Scale
7 Wide GWR 4 Wheel Coach Pack

4 wheeled coaches were an ever present feature of the Victorian railways, and continued to be used on progressively lesser services until the last days of steam on BR.

This pack depicts a range of 4 wheel coaches in GWR livery, and are at home on layouts set in any period between the 1890s to the end of the GWR in 1948, or on a modern day layout as a heritage set.

Contains Instructions for Full Brake, Full Coach and Brake Coach varients in GWR Livery, Bricklink xml Partlist for each set of Instructions and quick guide on how to use the Partlists.

*Please Note* While these coaches will run on standard radius Lego curves, their relatively long wheelbase means they will be hard work for less powerful locomotives. For best results, larger radius curves and points are recomented.

GWR Hall and Scenic elements not included in these instructions, and are shown for inspiration only.