Fine Scale
7 Wide E2 Class (LBSCR livery with extended tanks) By BritishBricks

Available as Circuit Cubes powered and Unpowered.

The E2s were never a successful class. Intended for heavy shunting and short distence fright work, they were limited to operating in and around London due to their small fuel capacity. Attempts to use them for pushpull services failed due to their inability to travel far without refueling too. In the 50’s, they were transfered to Southampton Docks, but even there, their long wheelbase restricted their usefulness, especially compaired to the recently introduced USA tanks that were also used there. All 10 members of the class were scrapped between 1961-62, although there are rumors of an 11th member of the class which did prove to be a much more useful engine running on the small island network of the NWR.

Contains instructions for powered and unpowered versions, Bricklink xml partlist for both sets of instructions and quick guide on how to use the partlists.

*Please Note* This design uses third party parts that cannot be purchased via Bricklink. The Instructions and Readme provide the information on where to buy the required parts. These designs also require the cutting of one  part; third party technic axle (powered only).

If you only want to build one of these designs, we also sell them individually:

E2 Class NWR livery with extended tanks and front splashers

E2 Class Southern/BR livery with original tanks

E2 Class Pack (All three designs)