Fine Scale Lego instructions for the Caledonian Pug 0-4-0st

Fine Scale
7 Wide Caledonian ‘Pug’ 0-4-0st

Available as 9v, Unpowered (LEGO wheels) and Unpowered (BBB Wheels).

These popular little workhorses were built between 1885-1908, and were designed for shunting duties around Glasgow. Despite a long working life (the last one was withdrawn in 1964), sadly all of them were scraped, however they did earn posthumous fame thanks to Hornby’s model, most famously with their ‘Smokey Joe’ release.

Contains instructions for the listed power options, Bricklink xml parts list for each set of instructions and quick guide on how to use the parts lists.

Please Note:
The wheels used on the ‘Unpowered, BBB Wheels’ version are not standard Lego elements, and cannot be bought on Bricklink. They can be purchased from the Big Ben Bricks Website.

Alternative liveries are not included in the instructions, and are only shown for inspiration.