Fine Scale
8 Wide A4 Pacific (BR livery) By Breckland Bricks

Available as Powered Up Large Motor powered.

Uses Third Party Wheels and Rods.

The A4s are one of the most iconic and famous locomotive classes in the world. Gresley combined the lessons he had learnt with the A3s with streamling inspired the Flying Hamburger trains in Germany to produce a truely unique and successful class of express loco.

Introduced in 1935 to haul the Silver Jubilee express, the A4s were the Top Link express locos on the East Coast Main Line until the introduction of the Deltics in the 60s.

The most famous of all the A4s, Mallard, brock the (then) World Speed Record on the 3rd of July 1938 with a speed of 126MPH, a speed steam loco has ever surpassed.

One loco was destroyed in the war, the rest of the class was withdrawn from service between 1962 and 1966.

6 members of the class survived into preservation, Mallard (now a permant static display at the National Railway Museum), Bittern, Union of South Africa, Sir Nigel Gresley, Dwight D. Eisenhower (on static display in the USA) and Dominion of Canada (on static display in Canada).