Thoroughbred work horse!

We’re proud to introduce new contributor Andrew Harvey’s fantastic Black 5 model! Stanier’s Class 5s (better known as Black 5s) were an extremely successful and popular class built for the LMS and BR. Built as mixed traffic locos, they were adept to hauling almost anything asked of them.

New Loco, New Contributor!

After way too long, we are excited to announce out latest loco, Lewis Brid’s excelent J70! Introduced for the Wisbech and Upwell Tramway buy the GER, they worked through the LNER and early BR there and at the ports of Great Yarmouth and Ispwich.

New and Improved!

Finally, the Rebuilt Victorian Pug is here! Now with working rods, better cab detail and power options! Not based on any specific class, but inspired by various Victorian shunting saddletanks, including the Lancashire and Yorkshire Pugs. In later years locos like this could be found trundling around on private industrial railway networks, some lasting well …


The first of our 4 pomised releases see Breckland Bricks returning fresh from his success with the A3 with the British Railways Class 08 in the very smart Railfreight livery!

The trains now arriving…

Arriving June and July. – William Elliott’s new and improved Victorian Pug – Breckland Bricks’s BR Class 08 – Pete Nuemann’s BR Class 37 – New Contributor Henry Ayling’s Conflat Wagon and Container (as seen on LNUR displays).

Big, Green and Beautiful!

We’re very excited to announce the news contributor, Breckland Bricks. And better still, they come with a couple of fantastic new instructions, LNER and BR condition A3 Pacifics!