The first of our 4 promised releases see Breckland Bricks returning fresh from his success with the A3 with the British Railways Class 08 in the very smart Railfreight livery!

Known as ‘Gronks’, these versatile locos have been a mainstay of Britain’s railways ever since their introduction and they still ply their trade on the mainline, private sidings and preserved railways across the country!

Alternative liveries are not included in the instructions, and are only shown for inspiration.


  1. I think that for alternative livery’s it would be cool to have a part list for the others to make it easier to have like a br green class 08 or a class 37 in ews or br green just a suggestion

    1. so if you wanted to you could but for not very common ones it would probably be fine to just have a picture

      1. The main problem with alterntive liveries is that you almost always have to alter how the base model was built to accomidate the lack of availability of some parts in each colour (especially a lot of the colours the railways like to use!).

        When we have prototypes that had significantly noticable changes thoughout their time (like the Terriers and the A3s) we’ve used that as an excuse to release different liveries, but I can’t see a situation where we’d release a partslist that varies from released instructions, as it’ll just result in a confusing and less enjoyable building experience.

        If there is a noticable demand for that, we might change that, but that would probably also have to result in an increase in the cost of the instructions to account for the extra time we need to spend ensuring the design is as affordable (and viable) as possible.

        Will [Block Junction]

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