1. It’s something I’ve considered, and would like to do eventually. My current 08 build is heavily inspired by someone else’s freely available design, and is a bit of a compromise if I’m honest, but if I can come up with a completly new design (or one of my contributors offer’s up their own design, we’ll definutly sell it!

      In the meantime, you can try out the instructions mine was based on here:

      Will [Block Junction]

    1. A class 03 is cirtainly something I’ve toyed with (we do have the Drewry Shuinter which is a similer style of loco) and we’re hoping ot do an 08 sooner or later.

      Mk1s are something I really want to do, but I won’t release anything I’m not super happy with, and all my attempts haven’t passed that barrier yet.

      Will [Block Junction]

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